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The summer for your nails – the MANIKO Summer Collection!

Finally! Our brand-new Summer Collection is on its way & we are as excited as you are! On the 11th of June you will be able to wear all our beautiful new designs. These prints are exclusively pure summer and guarantee a good mood – even if the weather decides not to act accordingly!  


From jungle vibes to dreamy blue prints to delicate nuances, we have everything your mani heart desires. Bring colorful varieties to your sunny everyday life & let us inspire you for your summer nail designs. By the way: there is a great surprise waiting for you at the end. Make yourself comfortable, sit back, relax and start creating your manicure plan for the upcoming weeks.



And now let’s get going with our new designs. We don’t think there has to be a specific reason for a fresh manicure with our nail polish strips. Nevertheless, we have put together some convincing arguments for you to simplify your decision.


Bahama Mama: Our motto is: Cheers to Life!

Are you telling us you don’t coordinate your nail look with your favorite cocktail drink? Better late than never! This beautiful classic summer cocktail design Bahama Mama is hard to beat. The beautiful color combination of rosé, gold & white is just perfect for the next girls’ night out. Is the color too intense for you? Why not lighten it up with our mono-colors such as California Peach. 


Crazy Plant Lady: Because crazy is the new sexy!

Just let loose and go crazy! Why not wear leaf patterns on your nails. And don’t worry: our brand new nail polish strips “Crazy Plant Lady” gives you the option to choose more subtle strips as well as strips with more patterns on! The delicate print is reminiscent of a lush jungle full of palm trees & exotic plants. Give yourself the full boom #plantgoals or set an accent on one of your nails. You can perfectly complement the accent look with one of our monochrome prints such as Into The Forrest or the relaxed Skinny or the delicate Send N*des


Ethno Love: Because we always dream of vacation!

With this nail style you are pulling off Morocco vibes as if you were in the middle of the medina of Marrakech! All that's missing are your girls, relaxing background music and an ice-cold mint tea. Hello holiday vibes! The trendy Ethno-pattern spices up all of your favorite pieces in beige & white. Do you fancy a great mix of colors on your nails? Combine the print with the statement solid colors such as: OnyxOxBlood or Mango Maniac - for a subtle look. 

Aloha Baby: Because summer screams excitement!

These nail polish strips bring the Hawaiian attitude directly onto your nails. True to the motto: the brighter the flowers, the better the day! And when the meetings drag on forever ... Psst. Secretly dream your way to Hawaii, to Waikiki Beach, with this trendy design, we won’t tell anyone don’t worry ;) By the way: It also works great in combination with our mono colors: Danger Danger, Leaf Me Alone or Blanc.

Safari: Because we are adventurous!

But not only that! We are also excited to experiment and try out new wild looks. Animal prints are a must have this summer & you have to admit: this zebra-inspired manicure is an absolute eye catcher at the next beach bar cocktail evening. Perfect combo: safari plus Acid Trip! Why not just try it out and see for yourself. With it a slip dress, white sneakers on your feet and off you go on the city Safari. If Safari seems too much for your everyday life, combine it with Blanc or Day Dream in baby blue 😍 cuz … why not?


Purrrfect: Because perfection is boring.


Who needs perfection, no one. Purrrfection on the other hand is what every mani-lover needs! Of course, we are talking about our great animal design with cool splashes of color: in purple, black, white & apricot. Wild cats clearly wear it all over. If you want a tamer look just combine it with California Peach or Blanc


Amazonia und Maldiva: Because the world needs more Superwomen!

Stylish and graceful, combined with sex appeal, strength, confidence, femininity ... the terms we use whether we’re talking about real Divas, or Amazons - and the praise is endless. Inspired by the impressive women who inhabit this planet with all of its immense water resources, we bring all of their power directly to your fingertips with Amazonia and Maldiva. The delicate gold accents add a sparkle of glamour to the rich hues of blue or turquoise, and your Mani is ready for an awesomely powerful look.

Perfect MANIKO mono-match:  Carribean Beach to Amazonia and Jetlag to Maldiva.

Mikado: Because at the end we all just want to play around!

As children, we used to tremble over the thin sticks of the famous board game, today we stick Mikado patterns onto our nails! Without any tremors: stick on, file down, done! Perfect for everyone who loves symmetry and minimalism. Let off steam: Incidentally, Mikado works in combination with all of your favorite colors. Simply explore: also Mikado works in combination with all your fav colors:  Powder, Dusty Rose or  Maneater – first choose your mono shade and then simply apply the Mikado pattern and Voilà!




Palms In Paradise: Because we earned it!


Just imagine, laying on a pearl white lounge couch, in front of you the breathtaking turquoise colored ocean and the sun shining through the wide palm leaves above you. In your hand is a fan, with which you waft air to yourself from time to time and on your fingernails are "Palms In Paradise". Perfect match! But these brand new MANIKO nail polish strips also work perfectly outside of this dreamy vacation scenario. Because they also match any of your favorite nail polish colors such as N*de Babyboomer or Pastel Squad as well as Neo Mint.


Rose Quarz: Because it's just breathtaking !

The perfect bathroom moment happens when you're doing your evening routine,  using your Gua Sha and suddenly realize that your Mani fits perfectly to your rose quartz stone. Wow! Besides that this dreamy pattern is just all in all fun! And just for the record, we're already wearing our entire summer wardrobe up and down to match it. It's great, subtle and office-appropriate in combination with Powder - one of our MANIKO classics.





Treasure Hunt: Because diamonds are a girl's best friend!

If you take care of your nails like precious treasures they will thank you! Our summery "Treasure Hunt" design is made for it, it makes your fingertips sparkle and is a nice little switch up for all "Gold Digger" lovers. Possible combination? Leave it be, just let it sparkle, girl! 


Urban Jungle & Rumble In the Jungle: Because we are trendsetters!

Okay, girl! We’ve been dreaming of Hawaii, got Gua-Sha massages and were lying under the palm trees, now it's jungle time! But only with the right nail design, just choose one - the subtle and delicate Urban Jungle, which you can combine perfectly with any other favorite shade, or the unmistakable Rumble In The Jungle. One thing is for sure: Both patterns give you real Vacay Feels and turn your nails into eye-catchers! 

Too Pool For School: Life must be fun!

Are you exhausted from your dull daily grind and commitments? 

Treat yourself to a round of "Too Pool For School". The design makes you want to go to the sea or at least to a pool in your backyard. It also reminds you to break out of your routine more often and treat yourself to a good portion of me-time. So put your feet up and enjoy life!



Surprise, Surprise: the MANIKO Pedi Strips have arrived

We are just gonna say it: Feet up! Of course, only after you've also spruced them up with our brand-new MANIKO Pedi Strips. On launch day, June 11, 2021, click directly onto our shop. There you will find our Summer Collection for your hands, many mono classics for your feet as well as some designs of the current Summer Collection for your most beautiful summer pedicure!